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Immerse yourself directly in your project.

As a marketing tool, our 360° Online Tour has several advantages compared to classic visualizations.

The 360° Online Tour gives the viewer the opportunity to look around the virtual space at predefined viewpoints, in the same quality as our visualizations, and to freely choose his route. Various interactive functions allow the viewer to discover the project in many ways and to immerse himself in the spatial atmosphere. This is suitable for apartment tours, to visit a single family house, or even to experience a residential area with several buildings.

Our 360° online tours cover the entire spectrum of presentation media - embedding in websites for marketing projects is the most common use case. Find out more in our demo project to see the benefits for yourself.


Main Features

Day & Night Mode

Switch between day and night mode to experince your projects in different light scenarios.

Change the furnishing style

With the style selection tool, you can switch between design or decor concept with one click. Compare and share styles and decide


Interactive floor plan

An interactive floor plan tool makes it possible to track your viewing direction, switch between different levels or to move quickly to distant locations.


Additional features

With the following functions you can discover your project even more.


The picture on your tablet or mobile phone can be synchronized with your movements. This feature is particularly helpful at the construction site if you want to compare your design with current project state.


The gallery shows all panoramas that are present in the tour. You can also jump directly to selected viewpoints.

user interface

If necessary, we can prepare an individual user interface that corresponds to your project or your corporate design.

VR Cardboard

With 3D glasses or a Google Cardboard, the scenes can also be experienced in full 3D.

Media and Tags

Your videos, pictures, audio files or web links can be integrated into the demo if required.

Works on all devices and platforms

Whether desktop, tablet or mobile phone, the demo can be played online on any devices.

Test the Parkvilla Residence Demo project

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