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Real-time VR experience at the highest level.

Virtual Reality (VR) is our most advanced solution for fully interactive real-time experience.

This real-time technology is changing the way as designers and architects look at your concepts and offers the possibility of your own projects versatile to interact. The new capability allows you to better explore your design to reduce planning errors before construction begins. By using real-time rendering solutions, you can reduce the time spent on design and make working with your clients on a project more interesting and fun.

For our virtual reality experiences we use Unreal Engine, which is, among other applications, the most suitable tool for developing interactive applications for all platforms.

This is equally suitable for the architecture, construction and urban planning industries and offers the right tools to create high-quality real-time solutions for interiors, complex buildings or large urban projects.

The experience ranges from a simple apartment tour to design configurations that allow users to configure and experience the room with materials, surfaces or furniture in real time. Additional functions such as various light scenarios, integrated animation or an interactive floor plan expand the understanding of how the room can function. The VR glasses capability enables an even greater immersion depth.

Main features

Configure your Spaces and Surfaces

Materials and colors for individual surfaces or entire rooms can be manually configured.

Day & Night Mode

Switch between day and night mode to present your projects in different natural light scenarios.

Interactive objects and

Various interactive functions make your project even more dynamic and lively. Depending on your needs, we can add special features to your project presentation.

Additional features

Find out even more with the following functions.

With the screenshot function you can not only save numerous screenshots, but also share it immediately via email.


The smooth switching between predefined viewpoints can present the most important parts of the project even better.


In medium and large projects, the teleport tool allows you to quickly jump to a selected location.

Interactive animation

All changes in the project such as lighting or surface materials are updated immediately in the animation.


A small mini map in the top right corner helps with navigation and shows your viewing direction.

Virtual Reality Device
Mobile and VR

Mobile device support. With the use of a VR headset, you can immerse yourself in your project ever deeper.

Current demo projects

Garden Apartment     Architecture

Real-Estate Marketing Tool     Urban

Jetzt testen

Learn how virtual reality can interactively present your unbuilt projects.

Request a virtual reality demo now.
Mobile versions for Android and iOS will be available soon.



- available soon -

- available soon -

Recommended configurations:

Desktop: Middle- or high-end PC with 2.Gen Nvidia GPU or newer

iOS: iPad Pro 3. Generation or newer

Android: Surface Pro 7 and Galaxy Tab S6 or newer

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